Hello there, from Blossom Forest!

Blossom Forest: Reborn was built by a fellowship of friendly players of all levels - from new writers exploring play-by-post roleplay to literate veterans.
We value - and strongly encourage - creativity and collaboration. Our members decide how the site evolves, which makes us one of the most interactive and community-centered roleplaying sites out there.

If you like magic, mutations, and the freedom to create or join fantastical species unique to Blossom... this is the place for you! If you prefer writing in a more classic style with natural wolves... this is still the place for you!

Please see the rules and guidelines before playing the game! And, so that everyone is on the same page, we run on EST for time.


The current season is: Summer until the end of hiatus!
A heat wave pools in the valleys and plains, bringing creatures to bask in the rivers and the ocean's glittering water; the world is awash with verdant green and summer blooms.
BREEDING is currently: CLOSED
BIRTHING is currently: CLOSED



January 3rd, 2020:
- Blossom Forest is on a site-wide hiatus as players prepare for their school semesters, search for jobs, and recover from the holidays. Characters may still be joined, players may post and plot, BUT activity-dependent things on the site (i.e. alpha activity, vampire feedings) will not be monitored.
- At this time, no packs may be opened or challenged for until the end of the hiatus. Wolves may join current packs, however.
- Anyone wishing to contact staff who is not on the Blossom Forest Discord may post on the OOC board. We will get to you ASAP!
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Open Posts:

- Quakepaw, a Primal pup, is joined by others of her breed on the beach.
- Yayoi calls for company amidst the cold mountain peaks. She isn't waiting for only her fellow Zaba...

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