When you join Blossom Forest, you must agree to abide by these rules.


1. Swearing is only allowed in an inoffensive way, and I hope you will keep it to a minimum. Don't use swearing unless you know the other role-player is okay with it. Posts with excessive bad language will be deleted. Please keep in mind that many people start role-playing as young as 10 years old, and Blossom Forest is meant to be friendly for all ages. Swearing at someone OOC will not be tolerated.

2. Please use proper capitalization, punctuation, spelling and grammar in your posts. Don't use MSN/AIM short-forms.

3. Powers and magical abilities are not allowed. (The only exception to this rule is any magical species a player has been PRE-APPROVED to play)

4. DO NOT use coloured font in subject or name fields. Only change the font colour in your post if it won't hurt anyone's eyes against the black background, or your html's background. We will ask you to change it, if it goes more than three days without changes made, we will delete it.

5. Only use HTML if you understand how to. If you fail to close a tag once, you will get a warning. If you fail to close a tag twice, you will get a warning and will not be allowed to use HTML for 1 month. If you fail to close a tag a third time, you will be banned from using HTML, and any posts that contain HTML will be deleted.

6. Wolves cannot be killed without their player's permission. Unless they trespass onto pack territory, then a pack leader is allowed to mortally wound your wolf, because he or she broke the rules of packs.

7. Players are allowed to have two alphas, however, only one can be the main alpha. The other must be a consort (Be it mate or younger sibling). If the second one becomes main alpha, you have 1 week to relinquish one of the thrones or we will kill off one of them. At random.

8. Graphic breeding is allowed but you have to put up a maturity warning [M] in your subject line and a disclaimer in your post, or the thread will be deleted. The disclaimer is as follows: “This post contains graphic content not suitable for readers under the age of 18. If you read/participate in this thread, you are certifying that you are AT LEAST 18 years old or older. Minors are not permitted to read/participate in graphic threads.

9. Seasons will change on a month and a half basis until further notice. Breeding is only allowed in the winter, and whelping is only allowed in the spring.

10. Try not to save spots for your posts with WIP. If you do, you have 24 hours to get it up or your post will be deleted.

11. Any characters who are not posted to site-wide activity checks will be considered on hiatus and must be rejoined before they can be played. If in that time another character is made with that name, you must choose a new name.

12. Any characters you delete on the Updates board will not be allowed to be rejoined.

13. If you choose to participate in an optional event run by the admins, all damage decided at random must be taken. Characters will not be killed without the owner's permission.


1. The alphas are the boss of the pack; they can exile a wolf from the pack or attack the wolf when they are on their territory.

2. The alphas determine your rank. They can raise your rank or lower it. It's considered very impolite to ask for a rank.

3. Please respect pack borders. To show respect, make it clear that your wolf is outside the pack borders. Trespassers will be warned, and may be driven out by existing pack members. An Alpha can automatically injure an intruder if they do not leave after being warned (or if they return without permission), and if are outnumbered, you will realistically be killed in the process.

4. Each player is allowed to play two alphas.

5. In general, wolves who are mates will share the same rank, but this can be altered depending on the Alpha's hierachial system.

6a. If an Alpha does not post in their pack grounds at least once every two weeks, their status as Alpha will be stripped. Administrators will either hold a writing contest, a vote, or will alert players that any can claim the pack. If the original Alpha returns, they have to challenge for the position. After losing due to inactivity, that Alpha must wait one month before attempting to reclaim the pack.

6b. Amendment 1/14/2016: If a pack hunt is started, posting on the pack hunt counts toward the deadline.

6c. Amendment 1/14/2016: In addition, alphas can hold an activity in their pack similar to the monthly events. A description for the results of the roll must be provided, and all results must be rolled. For it to count, the rolls must be performed at least every two weeks.

7. If you know you will be gone more than two weeks, you must appoint a Beta to rule in your stead, and they must then post at least once every two weeks or the Alpha will lose the pack. A Beta cannot rule for more than a month.

8. New Alphas are given a one month grace period in which they cannot be challenged, and in which they will be warned but will not have the pack taken from them if they do not post.

9. A pack must have at least 3 active pack members (4 including the Alpha). If it drops below this at any point, the pack will be closed.

10. A closed pack can be claimed by posting in it with 3 supporting other members (4 including the Alpha). You cannot play the supporting members.

11. No more of the closed packs will be opened until every pack has at least 6 members (not including the Alpha)


1. Mates are permanent, in the sense that wolves do not 'divorce'. However, if the player of your wolf's mate goes inactive, you can choose to get a new mate.

2. You do not have to ask for your alphas' permission to have a mate.

3. Mates do not have to be the same rank, i.e. Alpha male does not have to make his mate queen, and a wolf is not necessarily a beta if his mate is a beta. It is up to the alpha to decide rank, not relationships.


1. Breeding is allowed during Winter. Your wolf doesn't need permission from the alpha to breed.

2. Please alert the staff if you are breeding, and include all of both parents' stats. Staff will decide how many pups you have and their stats.

3. You will have to join the pups on the Joining Board before they are born and after their stats have been given (include the parents' names).

4. Pups are born in Spring. There must be at least four (4) real life weeks between conceiving and birthing. If you birth the pups before the four weeks or after the Spring, it will be decided at random whether there are additional birth defects or deaths.


1. You can only officially hunt at Prey Plateau. If you post catching small prey at the other boards, that is fine.

2. When you start a hunt, you may state the animal you smell, see or the one you're after, but nothing else.

3. If you have arranged for someone to play your prey, you might want to include an OOC note to avoid conflict.


1. Anyone can play prey for any hunt, as long as it's not for your own character. If you have spare time and see someone in need of prey, feel free to play an animal for them to hunt.

2. Try to play the prey as realistically as possible and don't always let the wolf get the meal all the time. The hunt is a contest between the prey-player and the player of the character. If they fail the first time, they can definitely keep trying.

3. The prey can injure the wolf.

4. Prey can be anything ranging from mice, to snakes, to rabbits, to birds, fish, boar, deer, goats and anything else you can think of, as long as wolves have a chance of bringing them down. No bears, cougars, lions, tigers, etc. please!

5. Prey for lone wolves can't be any bigger than a fawn/calf/kid/etc.

6. You decide when the prey is dead or finished.

7. When you play the prey in pack hunts, try to keep all the posts in mind. Make a note to mention each of the wolves' actions. If you don't understand, don't play the prey for pack hunts.

8. If you still have no one to play prey, Admins can play the prey even if involved in the hunt, and will roll dice to see if the attacks hit or miss.


1. Fighting is only allowed at Quarrels Clearing.

2. No powerplaying, godmoding, etc. Fair fights only.

3. Staff will judge all of the fights. Please post on the OOC board or email them to request a judge. Judging is based on adherence to the rules, length and quality of posts, creativity, spelling, grammar, and damage taken overall. Remember to take into account your wolves injuries...


You can modify these guidelines before the fight if your partner agrees. The credit goes to greensmurf for these guidelines.

1. Each player has two posts for attacks and an extra one for the last person to say what damage is done.

2. At most, two attacks per post. You can choose to do less.

3. Each wolf has access to the use of one full dodge, and two half dodges.

4. One full hit must be taken during the fight.


1. Post your challenge where the wolf will be most likely to see it. The best place is their pack, if they're in one, but make sure you don't cross the pack borders if you're not a member (make it clear in your post where your wolf stands).

2. If a wolf doesn't reply to the challenge (accept or decline) after five (5) days, the challenger wins by default. If it is a challenge for an alpha position, the alpha must accept the challenge by the fifth day, but has an additional 2 days to get up their first post at Quarrel's Clearing (a total of one week).

3. If an Alpha runs over their 2 week deadline and someone is currently challenging, that person will take over the pack by default.

4. Challenging for a pack (alpha position) is allowed, but you must challenge and win twice in a row to gain leadership of the pack. This rule does not apply to challenges for other ranks. If there are two alphas, you only to fight each of them once, but you have to win both times.

5. An alpha cannot refuse a challenge. If they are unable to fight themselves (pregnancy, hiatus, lack of skill, pacifism, etc.), they must have a pack member fight for them, or else lose the challenge.

6. You must wait one month before challenging the same wolf again, and new alphas get a one month grace period before they can be challenged.


1. Only three standard ages are accepted: pup, teen and adult.

2. If you want to age your wolf, make sure it has been at least a month since you joined or the last time you aged.

3. Wolves aren't required to die of old age.

4. All members of the same litter must be the same age.


1. You must wait for a welcoming post from one of the acceptors in reply to your joining post before posting anywhere on this site. This prevents improperly joined members.

2. a) Name: Please search the Joining Board for the name you're about to join to make sure the wolf doesn't already exist. If conflicts happen, the older player has the right to the name.
b) Age: Pup, teen or adult. Convert your '5 winters' or '2 years' to whatever term you think fits (pup, teen or adult.)
c) Gender: Male or Female. You may use fancy terms, but I can't guarantee I'll always know them, so be prepared to clarify.
d) Appearance: Absolutely necessary. Describe the appearance of your wolf. It can be simple.
e) Personality: Required. All eye colors are accepted within reason, but only real wolf coat colors are accepted.
f) History: Optional.
g) Picture: Optional.
h) Player (OOC) Name: Optional. Make up a screen name, if you want people to know who plays this wolf.
i) Email: Optional. Let us know if you want it to be listed on the Members or Contacts page.
j) Other: This part is extra, for disabilities (blind, deaf, etc.) or family ties (e.g. 'Kaive's brother is Jenygre'.)
k) Breed: This is helpful for determining stats for pups and also for consistency.


July 1, 2017 update:

1. To apply for any of the magical beings, you must fully read and understand each of them and agree to all of their terms. If you break any of the terms of the magical beings (e.g. roleplay a vampire during the day, not allow your character to be killed if it calls for it) you will be warned to amend the situation. If you do not, you will stripped of whatever magical terms you had and not allowed to have any further ones for 3 months. If you do it again, your character will be permanently killed and you will not be allowed to have magical characters for a full year. To repeat - you cannot join a new magical being without it being from a direct litter or infection.
2. If you have a magical being and wish to delete it or put it on hiatus, you must first offer the character up to other players so that they have the chance to keep it going. Exception: Death (e.g. battle, childbirth, etc.)
3. Vampires:
a)Physical: Their irises and lenses turn a bright luminescent red color that allows for infrared vision at night. However, because of this, they can only go out during the night as the sunlight will burn their sensitive lenses and give them headaches so terrible that it will knock them unconscious. In addition, they have improved hearing and can hear the heartbeats of those around them. Where they were originally bitten also turns a true red color in stark contrast to their pelt (Blood Mark). They can only eat/drink the blood of other carnivores and will get sick if they feed on herbivores. They must feed once per season. To do this, they must thread with either another playing willing to roleplay/be bitten, or have an admin roll to see if they were successful in their feeding, no roleplaying necessary (1,2,3=fail; 4,5,6= success). You can only attempt to feed once per week. In addition, their canines will grow longer to resemble fangs when they are feeding.
b)Beginning:Vampires can only be made by being bitten by another true vampire, and are sterile. To become a vampire, request on the OOC board and a meeting with be arranged. The admins will roll with the following results (FOR ALL VAMPIRE BITES, feeding or attacks, except against Tempests):
1,2 - your characters heart gives out due to the vampiric poison and your character dies
3,4 - your blood does not react to the vampire venom and nothing happens
5,6 - Your character is turned into a vampire
If your character is not turned or killed, they are immune to poison for the next month.
c)Supernatural: Vampires can have companions who fall under their spell, dubbed Mesmers. The other characters player must agree to becoming a Mesmer. Mesmers protect their masters during the day and must do everything that their master says. In addition, vampires are only allowed in packs when a pack member invites them inside.

4. The Tempest Bloodline (Slayers):
These wolves were made to be the light to offset the darkness of the vampires. Because of this and their ability to walk through Hellfire to destroy the vampires, they are resistant to fire. They have a fiery temper that magically repels those around them and makes it difficult for them to have a successful romance. Any time a tempest interacts with a wolf of their preferred gender, an admin will roll a d6. On a roll of a 6, that character is their soulmate and is the only wolf that the Tempest can now have a romantic connection with, and the only wolf that they can bear pups with. For a Tempest to match with another Tempest, they must both roll each other as a Soulmate. However, whenever they are with their mate, they are completely weak at night and can hardly stand. Any attack against them has a 10% chance of missing. In addition, all of them will have electric blue eyes that glow in the dark and allow for excellent night vision. In addition, they have improved vision, and can see the true soul of another - be able to tell another's truest desires. This is now applied to Kalgalath's bloodline. To join this bloodline, wait until a litter is posted and then request to join - Tempests are nonseasonal breeders. Admins will roll for all breeding. Breeding Guidelines

5. Vampire x Tempest interactions:
Vampire cannot enter any pack that a Tempest belongs to, even if invited in. Whenever a Tempest and a Vampire are actively posting on the same page, a fight occurs - thus, a Tempest's Soulmate cannot be a Vampire. An admin will roll to see whether it is night or day. If it is daytime, the Tempest will win automatically against the vampire unless the vampire has a bonded Mesmer who is willing to fight the Tempest. If the vampire loses, it will be severely injured and lose 2 weeks of opportunity for feeding. If it is night and the Tempest has a bonded soulmate, the Vampire will automatically win against the Tempest unless the Soulmate wishes to fight the Vampire. If a Tempest loses, it will be severely injured, be sterile for the next month due to the vampire poison, and will be overly aggressive for the next week. If there is to be a roleplayed fight, there will be two rounds of attacking, and each round each will player will be allowed two attacks (total of four). Whether or not they hit will be decided by admin rolls - an attack roll will be made on a d20 along with a defense roll. If the defense roll is higher than the attack roll, the attack will miss and vice versa. Each attack will be partial damage unless the attack roll is at least 5 higher than the defense roll. Tempests get a +2 to their defense rolls. If a fatal hit gets full damage, the other character will not die without the players permission. If a Tempest bites a Mesmer, bleeds on one of their wounds, or gets blood in the Mesmers mouth, the hypnosis will be reversed, the Mesmer will run in fear from the vampire and never be allowed to be mesmerized again.


As the staff of this site, we may change the rules anytime with or without written notices.

Azura and LSVK as administrators have the final say on all matters on this site. We really appreciate being treated with respect and will do our best to deal with issues fairly.

Current mods: Liberty and Metalhead.

Sandra Kuo retains all rights to the name and the site Blossom Forest.