When you join Blossom Forest, you must agree to abide by these rules.

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1. Don't use swearing unless you know the other role-player is okay with it. Please keep in mind that many people start role-playing as young as 10 years old, and Blossom Forest is meant to be friendly for all ages. Swearing at someone OOC will not be tolerated on this website or on Blossom Forest chatango or Discord.

2. Please use proper capitalization, punctuation, spelling and grammar in your posts. Don't use MSN/AIM short-forms. There is no word minimum on Blossom, but we ask players to respond with as much quality as they can!

3. Powers and magical abilities are not allowed. (The only exception to this rule is any magical species a player has been PRE-APPROVED to play)

4. Colored subject/name lines are permitted! However, you may only use colors that are easy on the eyes, and you must remember to close your tags. If you fail in either of these respects, we will ask you to change it; if it goes more than three days without changes made, we will delete it.

5. Only use HTML if you understand how to. If you fail to close a tag once, you will get a warning. If you fail to close a tag twice, you will get a warning and will not be allowed to use HTML for 1 month. If you fail to close a tag a third time, you will be banned from using HTML, and any posts that contain HTML will be deleted.

6. Wolves cannot be killed without their player's permission with the following exceptions:

a) They trespass onto pack territory
b) A female or puppy dies during birthing (see breeding board for guidelines on health stats)
c) Magical rules.

8. Graphic breeding is allowed but you have to put up a maturity warning [M] in your subject line and a disclaimer in your post, or the thread will be deleted. The disclaimer is as follows: "This post contains graphic content not suitable for readers under the age of 18. If you read/participate in this thread, you are certifying that you are AT LEAST 18 years old or older. Minors are not permitted to read/participate in graphic threads."

9. Seasons will change on a month-and-a-half basis until further notice.

10. Try not to save spots for your posts with WIP. If you do, you have 24 hours to get it up or your post will be deleted. For posting order, please do not skip someone's next post unless 1 week has passed since their last post.

11. Any characters who are not posted to site-wide activity checks will be considered on hiatus and must be rejoined before they can be played. If in that time another character is made with that name, you must choose a new name.

12. Any characters you delete on the Updates board will not be allowed to be rejoined - they are considered dead and may not be resurrected. You can use the same description to make a character of a new name, or use that name with a completely different description.

13. If you choose to participate in an optional event run by the admins, all damage decided at random must be taken. Characters will not be killed without the owner's permission.

14. The time required to run the diameter of a pack is 24 hours. The time required to travel from the northernmost aspect to the southernmost aspect is 7 days (without any breaks to sleep). Keep this in mind.

15. All players must be respectful in how they talk to one another OOC. Drama should stay IC and not move OOC - this is included on the website and on the Blossom Forest discord. Anyone who is disrespectful to others will be warned. After three times, you will get banned for a week.

16. Powerplaying and/or godmoding is only allowed when two players mutually agree on it, or when a wolf trespasses into a pack. Otherwise, it is not allowed.

17. Any post with an official purpose such as breeding, normal deaths, challenges, etc. must be a minimum of 300 words.


1. You must wait for a welcoming post from one of the acceptors in reply to your joining post before posting anywhere on this site. This prevents improperly joined members.

2. Please include the following in your join posts:

a) Name: Please search the Joining Board for the name you're about to join to make sure the wolf doesn't already exist. If conflicts happen, the older player has the right to the name.
b) Age: Pup, teen or adult. Convert your '5 winters' or '2 years' to whatever term you think fits (pup, teen or adult.)
c) Gender: Male or Female. You may use fancy terms, but I can't guarantee I'll always know them, so be prepared to clarify.
d) Appearance: Absolutely necessary. Describe the appearance of your wolf. It can be simple. All eye colors are accepted within reason, but only real wolf coat colors are accepted.
e) Personality: Required.
f) History: Optional.
g) Picture: Optional.
h) Player (OOC) Name: REQUIRED! This helps staff update the Members Board. If you're new, think of an alias! It can always be changed later.
i) Email: Optional. Let us know if you want it to be listed on the Members or Contacts page.
j) Other: This part is extra, for disabilities (blind, deaf, etc.) or family ties (e.g. 'Kaive's brother is Jenygre'.)
k) Breed: Required. Please see the acceptable breeds on the join board. This is helpful for determining stats for pups and also for consistency.

3. The rules for joining kalaks (maned wolves) are stricter than those for joining other species, because maned wolves are not actually wolves at all. Blossom Forest has made a special exception not present on most wolf rpg sites in that we allow maned "wolves" to be joined. The coat color mutation for a kalak must fall under one of the following options; no cross-mutations are allowed. All "natural" colors found in other wolves are permitted on kalaks, as long as an explanation and the appropriate terms are used. This means that any color ranging from black to white is allowed so long as these guidelines are followed.

a) A black maned wolf must be joined as melanistic. They may be pure black, or so darkly russet that they appear black.
b) A white maned wolf must be joined as leucistic. Leucistic maned wolves will still have some other aspect of color - be that the traditional black limbs/muzzle/ears OR a russet body with white limbs/muzzle/ears. Piebald leucism is also allowed (normal coloring with irregular patches of white) and must be listed in the description. Purely white kalaks - albinos - can only be joined with special permission from the administrators. An albino kalak will have severe deformities - such as deafness, partial blindness, and sun sensitivity. They are also likely to be sickly, since their blinding white coats make it nearly impossible to hunt.
c) There is no particular real-life mutation that would result in a grayscale kalak. Greyscale kalaks are very rare; the first to ever exist on the site was Kiki's Sophie, sister of Caspian. Greyscale kalaks cannot be joined.
d) All other colors - blonde, strawberry, cream, etc. - are considered dilutions. These might still have black markings, or the markings may be diluted with the rest of the coat. A diluted kalak will not have white markings - this is leucism.

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1. The alphas are the boss of the pack; they can exile a wolf from the pack or attack the wolf when he/she is on their territory. Alpha players do not need permission of other players to do so, although an in-character warning prior to killing a wolf is polite.

2. The alphas determine your rank. They can raise your rank or lower it. It's considered very impolite to ask for a rank.

3. Please respect pack borders. To show respect, make it clear that your wolf is outside the pack borders. Trespassers will be warned, and may be driven out by existing pack members. An Alpha can automatically kill an intruder if they do not leave after being warned (or if they return without permission). Additionally, if your non-pack wolf is outnumbered, you will realistically be killed in the process. Pack members and Alphas do not need permission from other players to drive out trespassers.

4. Each player is allowed to play two alphas. This may change as packs become more active.

5. Just because two wolves are mates does not guarantee they will share the same rank. Ranks can be altered depending on the Alpha's hierachial system.

6. If an Alpha does not remain active, they will be contacted by administrators and asked to be more active or to resign. To count as being "active," the alpha player must post their alpha - or another wolf they play in the same pack - at least once every month. The alpha does not have to be posted in the territory; an active thread in another board also counts.

7. If you know you will be gone more than two weeks, you must appoint a Beta to rule in your stead, and they must then post at least once every two weeks or the Alpha will lose the pack. A Beta cannot rule for more than a month.

8. New Alphas are given a one month grace period in which they cannot be challenged, and in which they will be warned but will not have the pack taken from them if they do not post.

9. A pack must have at least 3 active pack members (4 including the Alpha). If it drops below this at any point, the pack will be closed after 1 week of too-few members.

10. An uninhabited pack can be claimed by posting in it with 3 supporting other members (4 including the Alpha). You cannot play the supporting members. Just as with other “official” posts, a claiming post must be at least 300 words in length.

11. No more of the closed packs will be opened until every pack has at least 6 members (not including the Alpha)

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1. Your wolf can be any sexuality you want.

2. You do not have to ask for your alphas' permission to have a mate.

3. Mates do not have to be the same rank, i.e. Alpha male does not have to make his mate queen, and a wolf is not necessarily a beta if his mate is a beta. It is up to the alpha to decide rank, not relationships.

4. Polyamory is permitted - a wolf may breed with any consenting mate and is not restricted to having a single monogamous lover.


1. Breeding is allowed during Winter, and whelping is only allowed in the spring. The exception is Tempests, who are nonseasonal breeders. Their pups will be born one season later. Hopeful parents should post on the designated breeding board to receive rolls for pups. No litters will be rolled for until a breeding thread takes place.

2. Please alert the staff if you are breeding, and include both parents' stats (please be as descriptive as possible). Also include a link to the breeding thread. Staff will decide how many pups you have and their stats.

3. You will have to join the pups on the Joining Board before they are born and after their stats have been given (include the parents' names). Pups must be joined within two weeks of their stats being rolled.

4. Pups are born in Spring. There must be at least one season (minimum of 4 weeks IRL) between conceiving and birthing. If you birth the pups before the four weeks or after the Spring, it will be decided at random whether there are additional birth defects or deaths.

5. Dual-sires is allowed. However, the role-playing breeding post for both must occur on the same day IRL and either on the same board or in two locations close to one another. Refer to the map for this.

6. Once a player is given a pup, they own that character, and it cannot be taken away from them.

7. In the event that a player leaves Blossom Forest or goes on a long/indeterminate hiatus, the following guidelines will be followed:

a) If one player leaves before a litter is born but the other player stays, the remaining player gets to decide if the litter is born or not - regardless if the remaining player owns the father or mother of the litter.
b) If the player of the mother leaves the site and does not delete that character on the Updates board or give an explanation for her absence, the player of the father may state that he has no idea where his mate went and may find the pups abandoned on the outskirts of Blossom Forest two weeks after the birthing post would have taken place.
c) If the player of the mother leaves the site and deletes the mother wolf before the birthing thread would have taken place, the pups will still be born, and the remaining player may assume that the mother died in childbirth.
d) The only time that a litter which has been rolled for will not be born is in the event that both players of the parents leave. In this case, pups with these designs may be joined - but they will not be the canon children of the wolves who left the site. If this litter is a magical litter - i.e. Tempest or Arcus Irae pups - players must discuss with staff the backstories of these pups before they are joined.

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1. Only three standard ages are accepted: pup, teen and adult.

2. A pup must stay a pup for at least 1 game year (6 months) and not more than 2 game years (1 full real-life year).

3. A teenager must stay a teenager for at least 1 game year (6 months) and not more than 2 game years (1 full real-life year).

4. After joining a new wolf (that isn't a part of a current litter), that wolf must wait at least 1 game season before aging

5. Wolves aren't required to die of old age. Blossom Forest acts as a sort of “limbo,” where wolves may die of other causes.

6. All members of the same litter must be the same age and age up at the same time.


1. You can hunt anywhere in Blossom Forest. Each board has their own prey listed, and you can either roleplay it yourself or have someone play the prey. You can only hunt the animals available on each board.

2. If you would like an administrator to play prey for you, please post on the OOC board.

3. Prey can be anything available on that board. Prey for lone wolves can't be any bigger than a fawn/calf/kid/etc.

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1. Challenges for any pack rank is only allowed at Blican Orlege. For Alpha position battles, 2 fights in a row must be won for the pack to be taken over.

2. No powerplaying, godmoding, etc. Fair fights only.

3. Staff will judge all battles. Please post on the OOC board or email them to request a judge. Judging is based on adherence to the rules, length and quality of posts, creativity, spelling, grammar, and damage taken overall. Remember to take account for your wolves injuries...

4. Each player has two posts for attacks and an extra one for the last person to say what damage is done. At most, two attacks per post. You can choose to do less, but it is ill-advised.

5. Each wolf has access to the use of one full dodge, and two half dodges. One full hit must be taken during the fight.

6. You can modify these guidelines before the fight if your partner agrees. The credit goes to greensmurf for these guidelines.

(OPTIONAL ALTERNATIVE GUIDELINES - see battles simplified for an example using Tempests and Vampires)

a) Each adult will have 35 hit points and the use of (6) 10 sided dice for attacks. Each player must inform admins how many attack dice are awarded to each attack (minimum of 1, maximum of 3). Admins will roll to see how much damage is rolled for each dice and calculate how many damage total is done to each wolf given the dodges. The character with the highest ending hit points wins.

b) Additional health points per post: 2 added for each: >1000 words, no spelling or grammatical errors. 1 added for >800 words, rare spelling or grammatical errors.

c) After all fights are completed, hit points will regenerate at 1 per day. If hit points reach 0, a character will die.


1. Post your challenge where the wolf will be most likely to see it. The best place is their pack, if they're in one, but make sure you don't cross the pack borders if you're not a member (make it clear in your post where your wolf stands). As a reminder, official challenge posts must be 300 words, or they are illegitimate.

2. If a wolf doesn't reply to a challenge post (or accept/decline) after seven days, the other challenger wins by default. If it is a challenge for an alpha position, the alpha must accept the challenge by the fifth day, but has an additional 2 days to get up their first post at Quarrel's Clearing (a total of one week).

3. For a challenge to gain leadership of a pack, you must challenge and win twice in a row. This rule does not apply to challenges for other ranks. If there are two alphas, you only need to fight each of them once, but you have to win both times.

4. An alpha cannot refuse a challenge. If they are unable to fight themselves (pregnancy, hiatus, lack of skill, pacifism, etc.), they must have a pack member fight for them, or else lose the challenge.

5. You must wait one month before challenging the same wolf again, and new alphas get a one month grace period before they can be challenged.

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December 2, 2017 update
Players may "opt out" of stealing if they so choose - their characters will not be able to be stolen, and their wolves my not steal any other characters. Adult wolves may steal other wolves of any age (pups, teens, or adults); teen wolves may only steal pups. There are a two ways you can steal wolves:

1. Writing a riddle (the way Azura did) targeting that wolf and posting it on whichever board (pack, freeland) they are stealing the wolf from.

2. Through roleplay and rolling - also on whichever board they are stealing the wolf from.

3. Players of thieves must alert players to their riddle/stealing thread on the OOC board.

If You Choose to Write a Riddle . . . You must give four out of the following clues: Gender, Pack, Name. Breed/Description, Rank, Mate, Pups/family, Tagline (subject line), Magical traits, Special marks/scars/etc.

You must also give players at least a week to make their guesses. Each player may only guess once.

If You Choose to Roleplay . . .

a) The potential thief will start a thread for the wolf they intend to steal. This must be a minimum of 300 words.
b) The wolf potentially about to be stolen must respond within one week, or they will be automatically stolen.
c) Admins will roll a d20 (20-sided die) for each player. Whoever has the highest roll wins. If this is the thief, they successfully steal their prey. If this is the kidnappee, they successfully escape their would-be kidnapper.
d) If a thief succeeds, they must roleplay their success in their next post. If a victim succeeds, they must roleplay their escape in their next post.
e) If either player fails to respond with their "winning" post, the victory goes to the other player and will not have to be posted.

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1. A magical being "bloodline" may be considered "open" or "closed." An open bloodline means that anyone who has read the lore book and understands that breed's rules may join a character of that magical race. A closed bloodline is one in which only selected players may apply for to join; other players will have the opportunity to have a member of a closed bloodline should any character of that breed have a litter and adopt the pups out (or, in the case of the vampires, that character is infected with vampirism). The "password" for each bloodline will change every so often. An active Discord account is required for anyone interested in playing a magical character.

2. To apply for any of the magical beings, you must fully read and understand each of the lore books and agree to all of their terms - whether or not the bloodline is closed or open. If you break any of the terms of the magical beings (e.g. roleplay a vampire during the day, not allow your character to be killed if it calls for it) you will be warned to amend the situation. If you do not, you will stripped of whatever magical characters you had and not allowed to have any further ones for 3 months. If you do it again, your character will be permanently killed and you will not be allowed to have magical characters for a full year.

3. If players go on an indeterminate hiatus (meaning they want to take a break but do not know when they'll be back) OR if they become inactive/fail to respond to an activity check/don't have an active Discord presence, their characters will not go up for adoption.

a) It is the player's responsibility to tie up any loose ends and communicate with their roleplay partners if they wish to suggest a specific reason for the absence of their magical character; otherwise, just as with non-magical breeds, other characters are free to speculate what happened to the magical being who disappeared.
b) The exception to losing a character while in hiatus/inactivity is if the magical being in question is a vampire. Vampires must still be rolled for every season, or they will starve to death. Players have the option of appointing another player to roll for them while they are gone, or to buy a "season without feeding" prize - which can only be used once every game year (6 months IRL)
c) If an inactive or hiatused player returns after a period longer than 1 month, they must earn back their magical being slot. They will have the opportunity to do this once they’ve collected enough points for the next point collection cycle. Then they may rejoin the magical being they had previously. If multiple magical beings disappeared while the player was gone, they need only buy one slot in order to rejoin all previous magical beings.

4. Players who quit or are banned from Blossom Forest will have all their magical beings deleted. As with all deleted characters, these will be considered dead - and can never be rejoined. Unless the player has written a death post before leaving, their deleted magical being will not get a spot on the I Ndilchuimhne board. They are responsible for communicating with their roleplay partners if they want to explain the specific details of their magical being's death. Players who do not wish their magical beings to die should not quit the site, but go on a long hiatus instead. Banned players have no say in this.

a) If staff deems it appropriate, a free magical being slot may be offered to players who deserve it. This slot is not an adoption of the magical character; rather, it is an opportunity to create an entirely new character of that magical breed.
b) If a player quits and returns later, their magical being slot will not be waiting for them, and they must wait for staff to decide if and when they will have the opportunity to play a magical being again. This does not apply to magical bloodlines that are open for anyone to play.
c) If the deleted character is a mutant, no free slot will be available. This is because mutations are technically open for everyone.

5. Active players who wish to delete their magical beings may do so at any time for any reason, with the understanding that these characters are dead and may never be rejoined. There are two options for killing off a magical being:

a) If the player wishes to keep their slot, they MUST write a post killing off their magical character. A magical being can be killed during fights with another player (>300 words) or you may kill them yourself (>1000 words). Only one magical being can die per post. Admins will put up the death post link on the I Ndilchuimhne board. After killing off their character in writing, the player may join a new character of that same magical breed.
b) If the player wishes to delete their magical being without writing a death post, they may do so – but they will lose their slot. This means they cannot join another character of that magical breed, and must wait until if/when slots for that magical breed become available. It is not guaranteed the new slots will go to these players. Staff may decide to allow the player to give their sacrificed slot to another player.

6. No rolls for magic-associated things (Tempest x soulmate, Tempest x Arcus Irae ward, Vampire x Thofta) will be performed until the corresponding post is written and posted. All requests must be put on either 1) The magical beings board or 2) PM to a staff member on Discord with all relevant information or it will not be rolled.

7. For a character to be kicked out of a plot or bloodline, they have to break a rule or law. They first have to be given a warning to allow them to amend the rule breaking. If they do not amend it or if there is a second offense, they will be kicked out, the character deleted.

8. When a player submits a bloodline to Blossom Forest - and it is accepted - it is then considered an integral part of the site and its lore. This means that if a bloodline creator leaves the site, any current members of that bloodline WILL NOT BE erased.

a) If the creator wishes their bloodline to go "extinct," this means that no new characters may be born or created from that lineage. Existing characters will not be erased.
b) Creators may choose to make their bloodlines extinct at any time, whether or not they leave the site, go inactive, or remain active. Additionally, creators may decide reopen the bloodline whenever they want. The bloodline must receive a majority vote by fellow players to open again. There will be a specified time for creators to resubmit their bloodline for a vote in this case.
9. If a player leaves or goes inactive without specifying what will happen to their bloodline, it will be assumed that the bloodline is permitted to continue until staff is told otherwise. A player who has left or gone inactive may contact staff at ANY POINT after they are gone to update their bloodlines status.
10. Creators can decide how an extinct bloodline will return, whether that means current lineage members may start having magical pups again, if current non-magical members of the bloodline gain their birthright, if fresh new characters can be joined, etc.

11. As always, before a bloodline - open or closed - can be added to the site, it must be approved by staff. Staff members will discuss all aspects of the bloodline with the creator. A minimum of two staff members must approve the new line - and at least ONE of those staff members must be an admin.
12. Before the line becomes "official," players must show interest. Once a line has been given the "Okay" by staff, the creator must post their idea on the Plots Board. A minimum of three players must show interest in the line within 30 days of the creator putting their ad on the Plot Board. Once three players have shown support, new characters of this species must be joined on the join board within 30 days. If enough players have not shown interest or joined their characters within these probationary periods, then the bloodline will be tabled. This does NOT mean that the line is done for - rather, the creator must wait six months before submitting the bloodline again.
13. Players are only allowed to submit ONE open and ONE closed bloodline per year. As a reminder, open bloodlines may be submitted throughout the year; closed bloodlines may only be submitted once a year, at a date that staff decides. Closed bloodlines must go through the same probationary periods of garnering interest and joins as open bloodlines.
14. In the interest of encouraging new bloodlines to be active, staff is introducing the concept of Creator Responsibility. This is similar to Alphas needing to post every so often to keep their packs. Creators must run "activity checks" for their bloodline at the end of every season; "activity" in this case means that a character has posted at least ONCE that season. If fewer than 3 characters of that species have posted during the season, the bloodline goes extinct. The three minimum characters must belong to three separate players (as a reflection of players showing interest in the bloodline).

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As the staff of this site, we may change the rules anytime with or without written notices.

Azura and Xathira as administrators have the final say on all matters on this site. We really appreciate being treated with respect and will do our best to deal with issues fairly.

Current mods: Casey

Sandra Kuo retains all rights to the name and the site Blossom Forest.